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        «STEP» calibration rig’s are designed for verification, calibration, adjustment of volumetric and mass flow meters and meters of water and other liquids, as well as water flow converters included in the heat meters.

       The scope of application of step pouring calibration rig’s is metrological support of regional Metrology Centers, testing laboratories and centers, industrial enterprises, as well as service centers for heat and water metering devices, industrial flow meters.

       «STEP» calibration rig’s comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO 4185 «Measurement of fluid flow in closed channels. Method of weighing», entered in the Federal information Fund of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation (SI state register).

        «STEP» calibration rig’s treat to secondary standards or working standards of the first category in accordance with the "national verification scheme for measuring instruments of mass and volume fluid flow, liquid volume and capacity in static measurement, mass and volumetric flow of liquids", approved by the order of Rosstandart of the Russian Federation No. 256 of February 7, 2018, the transfer rig settings calibration «STEP» carried out by their comparison with the state standard (VNIIR, Kazan).

General specifications of «STEP» calibration rig’s:

- reproducible flow range-0,006 ÷ 750,0 m3 / h;

- diameter of conditional passage of verified counters-10÷250 mm;

- number of simultaneously installed counters-1÷20 PCs;

- maximum operating water pressure in the rig - 1.0 MPa;

- operating temperature range of the calibration fluid-10÷90C;

- warranty service - 24 months.

(personalized technical characteristics of the calibration rig is determined by the technical task, drawn up on the basis of a questionnaire filled by the customer).


      Versions of calibration rig's - volumetric «STEP» (verification by comparison with reference flow meters) and volumetric-mass «STEP-M» (verification by weight method and comparison with reference flow meters).

схема 2.jpg

Limits of permissible relative error of «STEP-T» volumetric rig’s (when compared with reference flowmeters):

- when using electromagnetic flowmeters ± 0,20...0.25%

- when using Coriolis (mass) flowmeters ± 0.15%.

схема 1.jpg

Limits of permissible relative error of volume-mass rig’s «STEP-M»

- with the weight method of measurement ±0.04... ±0.055 %;

- when compared with a reference flow meter:

- when using electromagnetic flowmeters ± 0,20...0.25%

- when using Coriolis (mass) flowmeters ± 0.15%.

Additional services to customers:

- assistance in the selection of the installation for the customer's tasks;

- binding of the installation to the customer's premises;

- issuance of construction tasks for placement of foundations and supply of communications;

- installation of "turnkey" or "erection", commissioning and start up of the equipment;

- introduction of the verification installation in the state register of SI or the register of standards.